1992 - The Finnish Black Metal band was formed in summer as a five piece band under the name of SIGILLUM DIABOLI. The first demo "Descent into Hell" was released in November.

1993 - The band played their only gig in January. Later three members left/were kicked out of the band.

1994 - "Demo II" was released in June. Line up was:Pete-guitars,bass,drums and Grimn`r-vocals.

1995 - In the summer the bands name was changed to DIABOLI,and later Pete parted ways with Grimn`r (vocals). In the autumn Pete recorded the first album "Mesmerized by Darkness".

1996 - Debut album "Mesmerized by Darkness" was released by UNISOUND RECORDS (Greece) in the summer.

1998 - Second album "Towards Damnation" was released by FMP in January. The third album "Anthems of Sorrow" was recorded during the autumn. Vocals for this album were done by Grimn`r.

1999 - In the beginning of December Pete was arrested and charged with an attempt to kill a man with an axe. Later he was found guilty,and was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

2000 - Third album "Anthems of Sorrow" was released in September by FMP. This year Grimn`r went to prison too for a few months because of some violence charges. The whole band was behind bars for a while.

2001 - In June Grimn`r (vocals) committed suicide.

2002 - Pete got out of prison in March. In September a Finnish label NORTHERN HERITAGE RECORDS released a limited edition (500 copies) 7"ep "Descent into Hell". The ep includes two songs from the first demo,which are re-recorded in 1999.

2003 - Fourth album "Unseen Age of War" was released in July by NORTHERN HERITAGE RECORDS. The album includes 12 unreleased tracks and both demos.

2004 - Fifth album "Kirous" was released in October by NORTHERN HERITAGE RECORDS.

2006 - Sixth album "The Antichrist" was released in October by NORTHERN HERITAGE RECORDS.

2008 - Vinyl versions (500 copies) of "Kirous" and "The Antichrist" were released in March by NORTHERN HERITAGE.

2010 - Seventh album "Invocation" was released in April by NORTHERN HERITAGE. CD and LP (500 copies).

2014 - In October three first albums were reissued on tape by NORTHERN HERITAGE.

2015 - Eight album "Wiking Division" was released on CD by NORTHERN HERITAGE in June.

2016 - "Wiking Division" LP version was released in March by NH, 300 copies in white vinyl. 3 first albums were reissued on CD by NH in October.

2017 - Northern Heritage reissued 3 first DIABOLI albums first time on vinyl in July.

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